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Od ponad 14 lat specjalizujemy się w ochronie przed atakami DDoS w 2015 roku
Zainstalowaliśmy całkowicie nową ochronę AntiDDoS 8000 opartą na Huawei – nowej generacji filtrowania ruchu DDoS.
w chmurze IT.

DDOS protection equipment
AntiDDoS 8080 Huawei Next Generation

AntiDDoS 8080 Huawei – is a 14U chassis with slots that support firewall, VPN, traffic management, denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

AntiDDoS8080 provides firewall throughput of up to 480 Gbps. or 500 pps pounds.

Detection of attacks at the network level, protection against DoS and DDoS attacks, TCP reassembly to protect fragmented packets, countering brute force attacks, smart algorithm for detecting SYN cookie flood, IP spoofing
in zones, protection against malformed packets.

DDoS protection against DNS Amplification (DNS gain) The essence of the gain lies in the fact that the attacker sends a (usually short) request to a vulnerable DNS server that responds to the request with a much larger packet.

If you use the address of the victim’s computer (ip spoofing) as the source IP address, then the vulnerable DNS server will send a large number of unnecessary packets to the victim computer until it is completely paralyzed
his work.

UDP protection, ICMP DNS servers, with powerful DDoS attacks, full filtering of parasitic traffic, informative collection and processing of logs by Firewall equipment.

Client panel filtering statistics
traffic from DDoS attacks
включена в стоимость аренды
VPS/Dedicated серверов