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Terms of Use

We are glad to welcome on the website of the company MACHOSTER! Our Terms and Conditions are the legal contract between us and our clients. Terms govern the use of our site and resources that we
controlled by Any information on the resource (text, logo, pictures) is under control. Conditions apply to all services provided by our resource and its subsidiaries.
Important! By using our site, you automatically confirm that you agree to the Terms. Without confirmation of consent, the use of the site is not allowed.

1. Access to the resource

Using the services of the site, the user confirms compliance with the Terms. Submissions will become available after creating an account. Portal clients are required to submit true information and provide accurate personal data. Visitors carry
responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal data. If there is a suspicion that personal information has become known to attackers, be sure to warn us about this so that we take the necessary measures.

2. Permission to use the site

The site is intended for personal and business use. We provide information on the use of the site, which is based on the User Agreement. Depending on compliance with the Terms, the right to
use of materials. Users are prohibited from editing, deleting or correcting information posted on the site. It is not allowed to copy materials and use them for personal purposes.

3. Unauthorized use

Limited use of the site is allowed. This is explained by the fact that all rights to posted materials belong to MACHOSTER. Any use of information not specified in the Agreement is unauthorized, which
leads to violation of international copyright laws.

4. Termination of the use of the resource

We have the right to deny access to the site. The user can also refuse to use the site. If the user violates any of the terms of the Agreement, the system automatically blocks the client.

5. Disclaimer

The company does not guarantee the flawless operation of the site. There are no guarantees in speed, uninterrupted and error-free functionality. There are no guarantees for the reliability of information. The company does not guarantee damages.

6. Access, services, software

The company can provide software maintenance services, equipment, access to software installation through the site on the terms of the User Agreement. Having a License Agreement gives you the right to maintain the software,
learning to work with him. Software installation is prohibited without prior acceptance of the License Agreement. The use of any software is governed by the Terms and Conditions contained in the License Agreement.

7. Amendment

The company has the right to make changes without notifying users. If the site is outdated, the company does not undertake to update it. The site may contain information about products and products that are not available in the user’s country.

8. User-provided data

By providing personal information, any user guarantees that he has reached the age of majority, owns the rights to the data provided (text, code, graphic images), undertakes to pay all fees, including license fees.
It is important that the data provided does not infringe patent and copyright. This means that trademarks and intellectual property belong specifically to you. The data provided should not violate the laws.
The information provided should not contain ethnic, racial or religious discrimination.

The data obtained from users can be used by our company for advertising, for translation, publication, public reproduction. The company is not responsible for the loss or theft of the data provided.

9. Intellectual property

In case of detection of violations of intellectual property rights, the company may limit access to the use of materials from the site. If you find that the site contains personal information without your agreement,
Notify us of this.

10. Linking

The company’s website contains links to other web resources solely for the convenience of users. The company is not responsible for the content and security of other sites. Our company is allowed to post links to our web portal.
on third-party sites. An important condition: true information should be submitted, without misrepresentation of the company’s products. It is forbidden to give your attitude to our site in a false light.