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SLA agreement on order and level
SLA services

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to persons who have entered into the MACHOSTER Internet Service Provider Agreement. Open document – public offer is official user
agreement between the client and the provider where an agreed level of quality of service is agreed.

Quality indicators Services

The provider guarantees the availability of services to customers at a level not lower than 99.97% for the year. This indicator does not include the time required to maintain or upgrade the hardware and software of the server or other equipment.
providing the work site.

The procedure for the provision of information and technical support to customers

Information support is expressed in the receipt by users of reference information regarding the services of the Provider. Support is provided by telephone, via instant messaging services (Skype, Tikket system),
by e-mail or through the application created on the “Feedback” page in the Account Management Panel (hereinafter referred to as Application).

Information support is provided:

on working days – as a personal manager from 9:00 to 20:00 Mon-Fri, MSK;
at other times – by the staff of the Technical Support Center (ticket system) 24/7.
The time to receive a response depends on the selected communication protocol.

When using services for instant messaging, the response time is no more than 10 minutes (emergency and emergency situations can increase this period). Upon request from the site or via email you will receive a response maximum
within 1 hour after sending a message to the support service.

Technical support is available around the clock, without breaks and weekends. For assistance, you need to apply. Time to receive a response does not exceed 2 hours. Please note that the provider is not responsible for the quality
communication if the channel for communication is provided by a third party. Applications that are not within the competence of technical support service specialists are transferred to the appropriate departments of the Provider.

Time to respond to technical problems and malfunctions

If the server hardware fails, or other equipment used to ensure the operability of the services, the guaranteed time for troubleshooting and malfunctions cannot exceed 6 hours from the moment of detection
Problems. In case of critical failures, the failed equipment is replaced with a similar or superior in parameters.

Technical work

Planned technical works are carried out by prior agreement with the client or during the period of the lowest load on the equipment of the Provider. During technical works, temporary unavailability of network resources is possible.
user If you plan to restrict access to the server, the user is notified of this by e-mail 24 hours prior to the work. The provider reserves the right to eliminate without prior notice.
consequences of emergency situations and carry out other activities aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.

Amount and procedure for payment of compensation

If the unavailability of servers and other resources exceeds the limits specified in this Agreement, service users are entitled to receive compensation. It is paid for every full hour of equipment downtime and is calculated
individually, based on the Provider data.

Compensation implies an increase in the period of service. In order to take advantage of this offer, the user must leave a request on the “Feedback” page in the Control Panel of the account. The application is submitted within
30 days since the problem occurred.

The user can not expect compensation:

The minimum contract for hosting services is 1 month from the day the service is ordered;
services were provided in test mode;
the client has violated one of the clauses of the rules of the Internet provider;
restriction of the availability of services was caused by user actions that violate the terms of the Agreement or its annexes;
the user made changes to the server settings that directly or indirectly affected the availability of network resources;
breakdowns and malfunctions in the operation of the equipment were caused by force majeure (floods, hurricanes, etc.), or other circumstances beyond the established scope of responsibility of the Provider.